Strukton Rail nytt huvudkontor arbetsplattsstrategi

WeOffice Selected to Support Strukton Rail AB in Establishing Their New Headquarters

Aram Seddigh, ansvarig arbetsplatsstrateg och uppdragsansvarig
- After successfully developing the workplace strategy for Strukton Rail's future headquarters, we are pleased to continue supporting them in their transition to new premises," says Aram Seddigh, CEO and certified workplace strategist at WeOffice.

Strukton Rail AB turned to WeOffice AB when they needed a new workplace strategy. They requested an efficient and evidence-based process that engaged all employees and resulted in concrete solutions for sizing, room functionality, work methods, change management, and the physical/technical design of the future workplace.

– With time pressure of less than a month after the initial visionary workshop with the management team, we conducted comprehensive data collection through the Workplace Adequacy survey, the ‘A Day in My Work Life’ workshops with all employees, and focus group interviews with managers. We also analyzed attendance data to ensure the proper sizing of the upcoming workplace. The developed workplace strategy was approved by the management team, and we look forward to continuing to support Strukton Rail with site search, evaluation, and lease negotiation,says Aram Seddigh.

About Strukton Rail AB:

Strukton Rail AB is Sweden’s largest private railway contractor and is part of the Dutch conglomerate Strukton Groep NV. They plan, build, and maintain track and railway systems, contributing to sustainable and efficient rail traffic. The company is characterized by high competence, responsibility, and constant innovation.

About WeOffice AB:

WeOffice specializes in workplace strategy, office design, and transition to new ways of working. WeOffice supports organizations with consulting services ranging from the development of workplace strategy to site search, office layout, lease negotiation, project management, and change management. In addition, WeOffice offers system tools for developing workplace strategy and needs assessment, as well as training for workplace strategists in the evidence-based framework Workplace Adequacy™.

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