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Our services support organisations to create more than just beautiful offices. Our strength rests in our knowledge of human behaviour and work environment, from which we address issues of office design and working methods. Thanks to our knowledge base, experience, methods and tools, we develop workplace strategies and lead projects and changes to ensure your work environment works over time. By involving us in your project, you can ensure employee involvement in the process while sticking to or beating your timeline. In addition to directly supporting organisations, we are involved in projects through property owners, architectural firms and real estate consulting companies.


What is your workplace strategy?

A well-thought-out workplace strategy supports the goals of the business by facilitating and triggering desirable behaviours amongst employees. The strategy should be detailed and concrete, and always based on the actual conditions of the organisation. The workplace strategy interweaves the organisational and social work environments with the digital and physical workplace.

Our workplace strategies typically include the following:


Right-sizing office space

One of the pillars of making an office work well is making it properly dimensioned to handle common peaks regarding occupancy.


Diversify correctly

Modern offices contain a diversified workspace. Successful diversification means that the types and amount of work areas developed are in relation to the employees’ activities.


Guidance on working methods - One size fits none!

An organisation consists of different parts that could have similar or differing needs. A well-thought-out workplace strategy needs to identify differences and address the needs.


Relationship analysis

Properly designed, the transition to a flexible way of working can require strengthened collaboration within the organisation. The workplace strategy should realise this opportunity while maintaining existing positive collaborations.


Policy and leadership

A well-thought-out physical office design only comes into its own when the physical design complies with the business’s control system. The workplace strategy should show which structures can be strengthened and inhibit undesirable behaviours.


Digital workplace

The physical, organisational and social work environments are dependent on the digital work environment. The workplace strategy should provide guidance on how to provide digital infrastructure that enables flexibility.

Generate insights of data

Collecting relevant and reliable data is crucial so as not to be misled by simple generalisations or misconceptions about how the different parts of the business work, both together or separately. Data collection is also a good method for creating participation and commitment in the development of workplace strategies. Over the years, we have created a selection of tools and methods that we constantly develop and refine. Our methods are based on science – either inspired by relevant research or through statistical analysis regarding our survey modules. Our tools and approach are proven, which gives us consistency in the process while always allowing for deviation based on our customers’ special conditions and needs. Our approach means that in 1-2 months we can develop and anchor a workplace strategy for an organisation with approximately 200 employees, that can form the basis for site adaptation or site search. Here are the key parts we look at in developing a workplace strategy.

Workshop with management board / Steering groups

Workplace analytics

Lectures and workshop with employees about ways of working

Focus group interviews

How it works!


Start with why!

The analysis begins with identifying the company's vision and ambition with the upcoming change.


Present state

In order to choose which path to take forward, we map out where the organisation stands today and how it works. Here we also identify the organisation's challenges regarding the workplace and working methods.


Identify gaps

Given the vision and the current situation, we identify what characterises the challenges and how they can be bridged.


Set target

Next, the vision gets broken down into achievable goals that take into account the conditions of the organisation regarding time for completion, financial resources and the burden on the organisation in general.


Development of a workplace strategy

Once we know where we're going, where we stand today, how far we can reach and have support behind the goal, we can develop a strategy that is implementable and grounded in reality.


Focus on growth!

After implementation, the workplace should enable you to focus on your core area better than before, and provide better conditions to realise your assignment!


From idea to execution

It is said that the devil is in the details, and that is something we agree with when it comes to office design and the implementation of new working methods. Seemingly small decisions can either hinder, facilitate, or encourage desired behaviour.

If you have developed a well-thought-out workplace strategy, you have come a long way. The next step is to implement the workplace strategy and thereby create a functional workspace that adds value.

In this process, we support you in going all the way to the goal.


From planning to project completion

Our work is based on the scientific framework of Workplace Adequacy™, neurodesign, and biophilia. Through this focus, and taking into account the workplace strategy, our design proposals and interior concepts aim to 1) contribute to well-being, work satisfaction, and meet employees’ needs for collaboration, creativity, and focused work, 2) support the organisation’s goals with the future office environment and highlight its identity.
We also help you develop construction documents, assess project risks, and assist you in procuring any other consultants if necessary. After that, we are available to project manage the construction project all the way to final inspection.


Change management

Our knowledge and experience of how people react to change when it comes to a new way of working also allows us to facilitate your journey with our change management services.
Together with you, we create a plan with various interventions that take into account your organization’s diversified needs based on the phase of change you are in. The specific services we may suggest vary depending on where you are in the change journey and what you want to achieve. However, the services may include setting up a communication plan, conducting risk and impact analyses, facilitating workshops for managers and employees, inspiring through lectures, or procuring training programs to develop the necessary skills within the organization.

Brands that have trusted us

What people say

Danone chose WeOffice as a partner to implement a major change in both working methods and work environment. Aram Seddigh has skilfully handled the plethora of questions from both management team and employees that such a major change requires with a strong focus on the end goal and a positive approach.

We turned to Aram when, in connection with the pandemic, a change occurred where we needed to have more employees in the town hall than we have actual cell offices / workplaces. The initial values ​​for the work were not to rebuild, keep the cell offices and include the employees in the work despite the minimal opportunities for change of the house.

This work would be carried out in a very short time, during the pandemic with difficulties in reaching all employees through physical meetings. The situation was generally very challenging. Aram took on the task with bravura, a positive attitude, efficient and an extremely problem-solving approach made me, as a client, feel both safe and secure under his leadership. He delivered a workplace strategy that worked well in an organisation where the working method from the beginning felt extremely challenging.

I want to give Aram my warmest recommendations and hope that everyone in need of changing their way of working turns to Aram to take part in his expertise.

Svekon now has Stockholm’s finest and best office. I could not have been happier. Aram guided us through the process in an exemplary manner through his professional action and in-depth knowledge as well as through effective workshops, to get the staff involved.

Aram has in an excellent way guided the company and our staff through the relocation project to a new office with new ways of working. With high competence in the field, he has been an excellent support for engaging and involving staff to review the need for the workplace and ways of working, and with clear communication skills taken us all through the mental journey in how we should work and use the new office.

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