Workplace Adequacy™ Survey

Data and insights are crucial when it comes to distinguish the needs of an organisation, and for taking the right factors into consideration, when creating a workplace strategy. Workplace Adequacy™ Survey gives you the information you need to create a workplace strategy that is rooted in the vision of your organisation, and which gives employees the right working conditions to perform the tasks they need.

Focus on Your Situation

  • Filtering and Comparative Data

    Through the use of filters, you will be able to identify if and how needs, sentiments, and experiences differ across different parts of the organisation. In that way, you will get a nuanced view of the organisation, and can direct your efforts accordingly. Meanwhile, we ensure anonymity as answers can never be traced back to individual participants or smaller groups. You will also be able to access relevant comparative data from other organisations.

  • Availability

    Availability brings about high reply rates, which in turn ensures that the information is accurate. We achieve high availability by offering the survey in different languages, by only posing relevant questions, and by sending targeted reminders to non-respondents. These factors, together with others in our process, ensure a high reply rate. More than 90% of our data collection has a participation rate of over 70%.

  • Your Commitment

    We handle the entire data collection process, from beginning to information visualisation. The survey is sent out 5 days after the completed order. The data collection procedure usually lasts for 10 working days, and 5 days after, you will have access to the information visualisation.

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Three Different Packages, Based on Your Requirements

Workplace Adequacy™ Survey enables effective and representative data collection from employees and managers. The relevant information is demonstrated in easy to understand and interactive graphs, where filters can be applied. Filtration allows you to distinguish groups you wish to focus on. The survey can be ordered in three different versions, which are adapted to support you based on what you wish to achieve through the survey. No matter if you wish to gather insights before making changes or when reviewing an implementation, if you want to distinguish needs and create a workplace strategy, and /or want to know what transitionary provisions you need to make to lead the change towards the intended way of working, the tool can give you explicit insights and support you in your current situation.

  • Gather Insights
    Understanding the Status Quo
    • Workplace Adequacy™ Principles
    • Office Environment Satisfaction
    • Gap Analysis
    • Work Pattern (Basic)
    • Collaboration Analysis (Basic)
    • Remote Work (Basic)
    • Satisfaction with FM (Added Option)
    • Work Climate (Added Option)
  • Distinguish Needs
    Create a Workplace Strategy
    • All modules in Gather Insights
    • Work Pattern (Extended)
    • Mobility Analysis
    • Collaboration Analysis (Extended)
    • Remote Work (Extended)
    • Physical Environment Preferences "My Day at Work" (Added Option)
  • Lead the Change
    Direct your Efforts
    • All modules in Distinguish Needs
    • Self Leadership
    • Propensity to change
    • Facilitate Remote Work

Workplace Adequacy™ Survey consists of several sets of questionnaires and a visualisation platform. The tool enables effective and representative data collection from employees and managers. After the data collection is completed, the information will be presented in easy to follow, interactive graphs, where you can focus on those groups that interest you, and compare the organisation’s data to comparative data (Benchmark), through the use of filters. The survey takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete, depending on which modules you wish to include in the survey. The tool doesn’t only get the employees involved in the process in a simple manner, it also increases the possibility of creating a suitable foundation for the decision making process. The survey can be ordered in three different packages, which are adapted to support you, based on what you wish to achieve through the survey.

Gather Insights - Understanding the Status Quo

This package is suitable for those who wish to understand the views of their employees, regarding how the current office environment supports their work. This shorter version of the survey can help the organisation to get an overview over what works well and what doesn’t at the office, as well as to follow up on a transition to a new office or way of working.

The questions cover a broad area, and capture environmental satisfaction, gap analysis regarding the importance of various work tasks, how the office environment – including the technical solutions – support them, the working patterns of the employees, as well as what channels are important for employee cooperation. This package also includes questions regarding how many days a week employees wish to work at the office, and how they view their home-based work environment.

In addition to the above, we offer the possibility to add a question module, which captures issues related to the organisational and social work environment.

Distinguish Needs – Create a Workplace Strategy

This package is suited to those who wish to implement a workplace strategy, or a concept for the future office structure. In addition to insights from the package Gather Insights, this version of the survey will give you vital information about how to design the future office when it comes to required space, creating diversified areas that meet the needs of the employees, facilitate cooperation and required interactions, as well as increase the utility of the office so that making the right decision is easy. 

With this package, you will also gain enhanced insights regarding work patterns, mobility profiles, and remote work.

You will also be granted access to the workshop My Day at Work, to better understand employee preferences when it comes to different activities. 

This package is an extended version of Gather Insights, which means that all modules from Gather Insights can be included, depending on your preferences

Lead the Change - Direct your Efforts

A journey to a new, flexible way of working – such as activity based or hybrid working – is facilitated by employees understanding the purpose of the transition, and that they can lead themselves at work. When it comes to hybrid work, it is also important to counteract obstacles to remote work. This version of the survey will give you exactly this, and help you to understand what measures may be necessary to facilitate the transitional work, as well as to facilitate good employee habits. 

If different parts of the organisation are at different stages of their development, or have different needs, this package will help you to identify these differences and to direct your efforts as needed.

Why You Should Use the Tool

  • The survey contains illustrations and video for clear communication
  • Helps you to focus on key issues
  • Smooth and efficient collection of necessary data
  • Access to comparative data
  • Easy to understand and interactive graphs
  • Developed by workplace strategists for the formulation of workplace strategies
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