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WeOffice support organizations to improve their work environments with a focus on office development and working methods. Our focus is on creating physical, digital and organizational conditions that trigger and maintain desirable behaviors. We do this by certifying workplace strategies in our 5 research-based principles, giving organizations access to methods and tools in the development of workplace strategies, and through consultative services regarding the development and implementation of workplace strategies. In addition, we inspire in our area of expertise with lectures and workshops.

We have offices in central Stockholm at Kungsgatan 60, but are active throughout Sweden. We are also active in Europe through training and mediation of workplace tools as well as lectures and workshops.

Brief about Dr. Aram Seddigh

Dr. Aram Seddigh has a PhD in work and organizational psychology, is a licensed psychologist and economist. He wrote his doctoral dissertation, linked to the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University, on how different types of offices and working methods affect employees’ health and productivity. Since then, he has worked as CEO and workplace strategist at WeOffice AB, where he has supported organizations to create good work environments for increased well-being and productivity.

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