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WeOffice supports organisations to improve their work environments with a focus on office development and working methods. Our focus is on creating physical, digital and organisational conditions that trigger and maintain desirable behaviours. We do this by certifying workplace strategies in our 5 research-based principles, giving organisations access to methods and tools in the development of workplace strategies, and through consultative services regarding the development and implementation of workplace strategies. In addition, we host lectures and workshops to inspire others in our area of expertise.

We have offices in central Stockholm at Kungsgatan 64, but are active throughout Sweden. We are also active in Europe through training and mediation of workplace tools as well as lectures and workshops.

Key Team Members

Aram Seddigh, ansvarig arbetsplatsstrateg och uppdragsansvarig

Dr. Aram Seddigh

Founder, CEO & Certified Workplace Strategist
Ph.D, lic. psychologist and economist

Sven Ostner

Architect & Certified Workplace Strategist

Leif Sager

Leif Sager

Senior real estate consultant & project manager

Evelina Jansson

Interior designer & Certified workplace strategist

Johan Andersson

Senior advisor & Real estate consultant

Jenny Bergh

Change Management Consultant

  • Stockholm, Sweden
    Kungsgatan 64

Earn your workplace strategist certificate

Get involved in recent workplace and ways of working research and become an expert in developing and implementing workplace strategies.

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Workplace Adequacy™ Survey

Workplace Adequacy™ Survey gives you the insights you need to create a workplace strategy.

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Services for developing and implementing workplace strategies

Receive the support you need for developing and implementing workplace strategies.

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