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Workplace Adequacy™ Framework

5 research-based principles for creating healthy and well-functioning workplaces

Research in offices and working methods paints a fragmented picture of how different types of offices and methods affect employees’ health and productivity. At the same time, research also points to certain principles that, if well-managed, improve the conditions for creating workplaces that function over time, lead to increased attractiveness as a company, and trigger desirable behaviours. Read about these five principles here.


Dimensioning the workplace correctly is a prerequisite for avoiding a feeling of congestion and for employees to easily find adequate space for their activities. An undersized workplace creates frustration and dissatisfaction while an oversized one leads to less desirable interactions and higher premises costs.


Diversification involves creating different types of spaces for various activities. It is necessary regardless of the degree of flexibility to be applied in any office. It is however important to note that the need for diversification varies from organization to organization.

Facilitate Collaboration

To foster effective collaborations, it is necessary to actively create conditions for desired collaborations to occur. Merely relying on increased flexibility alone is not sufficient to enhance collaboration. This principle captures the key aspects to consider in order to facilitate desired interactions and collaborations in a workplace.

Increase Adaptability

We, as humans, tend to do what is easiest rather than what is possible. If we want a transition towards specific behaviours, the workplace environment itself should facilitate those desired changes. This principle focuses how a workplace should be designed to more easily trigger desirable behaviours.

Insights Through Participation

In addition to creating predictability and giving employees a sense of ownership in the process, participation is crucial for effectively and reliably capturing employees’ needs. It’s also important in order to accurately collect information required to understand the organization’s needs and develop a workplace strategy that addresses those needs.

Workplace Strategist Certification Programme

Do your tasks involve creating or developing office spaces or new ways of working? Are you curious about what it’s like to work as a workplace strategist, or do you already work in the role but want to update your knowledge?

This course will help you become a skilled, structured and efficient workplace strategist! The training immerses you in developing and implementing workplace strategies – from start to finish.

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Workplace Adequacy™ Survey

Data and insights are crucial to the needs of the business and in developing a workplace strategy that lasts over time. Through the research-based survey tool Workplace Adequacy™ Survey, we can collect the data you need when developing a workplace strategy. The tool is available in three versions and can be used to Gather Insights, Distinguish Needs and develop a workplace strategy as well as to Lead the Change.

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Consultancy Services

If you have already developed a well-thought-out workplace strategy, you have come a long way. The next step is to implement the workplace strategy and thereby create a functional workspace that adds value.

In this process, we support you in going all the way to the goal.

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Earn your workplace strategist certificate

Get involved in recent workplace and ways of working research and become an expert in developing and implementing workplace strategies.

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Workplace Adequacy™ Survey

Workplace Adequacy™ Survey gives you the insights you need to create a workplace strategy.

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Services for developing and implementing workplace strategies

Receive the support you need for developing and implementing workplace strategies.

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