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WeOffice’s mission is to support organizations to new ways of working. We carry out our mission by providing courses to workplace strategists and other practitioners in how to create and implement workplace strategies, providing workplace analytics tool and through lectures, workshops and consultancy services. Our strength lies in our focus on the work environment and the business’s goals and conditions on the basis of which we support the development of workplace strategies.

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Workplace adequacy principles

5 reserach-based principles for creating healthy and well-functioning workplaces

Research in offices and working methods provides a fragmented picture of how different types of offices and working methods affect employees’ health and productivity. At the same time, the research points to some principles that, well-managed, increase the conditions for creating workplaces that function over time, lead to increased attractiveness and that more easily trigger desirable behaviors. Read here about these five principles.


Dimensioning the workplace correctly is a prerequisite for a feeling of congestion not to arise and for employees to easily find adequate space for their activities. An undersized workplace creates frustration and dissatisfaction while an oversized one leads to less desirable interactions and higher premises costs.

Create diversity

Whether the workplace is flexible and activity-based or traditional where employees have fixed desks, the key to a good physical design is to provide choice. Different workplaces are better or worse suited for different activities. But it is important to diversify based on the needs of the employees and create surfaces that are actually used.

Facilitate collaboration

Although adequate collaboration areas create conditions for collaboration, we need to actively create structures to maintain good collaborations and trigger desirable behaviors. The physical environment plays its part in triggering the right behaviors and organizational guidelines, routines and encouragement another part.

Mind nudges

People do not do what is possible, but what is easiest. Workplaces need to be created so they encourage and reinforce desired behaviors. Locate areas that are important within a radius of 30 seconds from areas where employees usually conduct their work and it should be easy to get an overview of whether a desired work area is available or not.

Create participation

Participation is important for several reasons. Not only can participation lead to commitment, a sense of ownership and predictability in the change process, but through participation, the workplace strategist can also collect relevant data and design a strategy that is well rooted in the needs of the employees.

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