Biophilia – A Key to Improved Office Design

To create healthy and pleasant office work environments, the focus needs to be on designing functional and appealing workplaces. In our previous posts, we have explained how the Workplace Adequacy™ framework can support you in developing an appropriate workplace strategy. Below, we want to highlight the impact of Biophilia.

Biophilia refers to our need to relate to and be close to nature. Biophilia is not only important for creating healthy and pleasant office environments but has also proven to be a significant factor in increased well-being and performance. Studies show, among other things, that by incorporating elements of nature into our offices and workspaces, we can reduce stress, enhance concentration, and boost creativity. Additionally, studies demonstrate that biophilic office design promotes physical and mental health, thus reducing the risk of sick leave.

Biophilic design offers various opportunities to integrate nature into our daily lives. This can include the use of green plants, natural light, water features, and natural materials in our buildings and interiors.

Apart from benefiting employee well-being, biophilic design can also have positive effects on a company’s success. A pleasant and stimulating work environment can increase productivity and employee creativity, leading to higher efficiency and better outcomes. It can also reduce employee turnover costs. Investing in biophilic design is therefore a cost-effective measure for businesses.

If you wish to know more about the subject, you can freely download the following white paper, “The Biophilia Hypothesis: How Nature Can Enhance the Work Environment,” which is a part of the book “A Handbook of Theories on Designing Alignment Between People and the Office Environment,” where Sven Ostner from WeOffice is a co-author.

The white paper has also been authored by Sven Ostner, who is a certified workplace strategist, architect, and project manager at WeOffice.

If you would like to learn more about Biophilia and how to implement it in your workplace, you are welcome to contact us directly.

Download the white paper here for free.

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